Brad Stout

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Certification Status: Preparing for PSIA Level 1

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

About Brad Stout

I grew up on the east coast skiing when I was 5 years old. Went to school for engineering and have been living full time in Colorado for 8 years. Skiing on snow and water is my passion in life. I spent most of my childhood enjoying the outdoors as an eagle scout.

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Brad was absolutely perfect for my lesson today! He progressed the lesson in the best way and helped boost my confidence a ton! When we were walking over to where we would be doing the lesson, I thought to myself “there’s no way I’m going to be able to safely make it down from the top of the run” but Brad gave me the confidence I need and stuck with me the whole entire way! I will definitely be back and Brad was the best instructor I could have asked for - highly recommend!

- Meg, from February 17, 2024 (review published February 17, 2024)

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Brad was positive, helpful, kind and very knowledgeable. He really took time to explain what he was teaching. I highly recommend him!

- Shilo, from February 16, 2024 (review published February 17, 2024)

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Brad really made our day today; we're so thankful for him. He's nice, friendly, and yet manages to boost our confidence. We're already thinking about coming back next year for more lessons and to level up our skills. Plus, all the other teachers seem super nice and patient too. Thanks a bunch, Brad, for everything today!

- Dwayne, from February 12, 2024 (review published February 12, 2024)

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The lessons given was great. My family and I learned a lot from Brad. Was very patience and understanding with my son. Brad was able to pin point my mistakes and gave pointers to fix the mistakes. An improvement would be an access from magic carpet to middle of the hill. For those who are learning. Having to walk uphill half way each time is exhausting and exert more energy to walk than to learn how to ski.

- Tuan, from February 02, 2024 (review published February 08, 2024)

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- Elizabeth, from January 07, 2024 (review published January 07, 2024)

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- Phillip, from January 06, 2024 (review published January 06, 2024)

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Brad understood we were newbies and guided us with patience. We were nervous at the beginning and by the end wanted more. We will definitely come back and request Brad. Thank you!

- Edward, from January 05, 2024 (review published January 05, 2024)

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Brad did awesome! Cooper can’t stop talking about how much fun he had.thanks!!

- Zach, from January 01, 2024 (review published January 01, 2024)

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Brad was very attuned to Dylan and Dylan liked him immediately. He made a real effort to help Dylan and keep him interested in learning.

- Jennifer, from December 31, 2023 (review published December 31, 2023)