Corie White

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Certification Status: Preparing for AASI Level 1

Hometown: Columbia, SC

About Corie White

Hi, I'm Corie, a Colorado born and South Carolina raised river rat turned ski & ride instructor! Growing up on the east coast, my passions were kayaking, climbing, and soccer. I spent most of my time on or near the water, and didn't have much exposure to snowsports until I moved to Summit County after college. This is now my 5th season of snowboarding and I'm incredibly grateful to make it my career. I believe that hitting the slopes should be for anyone, whether you're starting out at 4 years old or 40. I currently offer beginner lessons in both skiing & snowboarding.

Corie White's Recent Reviews

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She was so encouraging and positive, even when we were struggling. She was extremely knowledgeable and willing to push us but also know when to back off. It was a fantastic lesson and I'd definitely do another lesson with Corie given the chance.

- Kelsea, from March 16, 2024 (review published March 25, 2024)

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Very patient and great at meeting Ev where he was. I really appreciated that she kept encouraging him through some rough patches. He’s excited to go skiing again, so that’s a win in my book.

- Ben, from March 09, 2024 (review published March 09, 2024)

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- cynthia, from February 19, 2024 (review published March 07, 2024)

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Corie was amazing, I really recommend her as instructor, we enjoyed so much learning with her.

- Alan, from January 12, 2024 (review published January 19, 2024)

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Corie was very patience. Her explanations were clear and concise. Would highly recommend her to beginners.

- Susan, from January 05, 2024 (review published January 06, 2024)

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- Raul, from January 01, 2024 (review published January 05, 2024)

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- Courtney, from January 05, 2024 (review published January 05, 2024)