Why Snow Schoolers is a Better Model for Instructors

By: Noah Curhan | Published: 1225 days ago.

Snow Schoolers coaching model is the future for the ski industry, offering several new benefits for coaches that have never existed in the long-time unfair and unchanged industry. First and foremost it offers a new flexibility in schedule that hasn’t existed for coaches. Instead of being stuck grinding, making little money and having zero control of your hours for a giant corporate resort, you can finally control your own schedule and hours. Snow Schoolers operates as a software platform for a virtual ski school. Customers sign up for lessons at the various resorts, and as an instructor you can see the availability for upcoming lessons. Therefore, you have the option as a part-time Snow Schoolers instructor to create your own schedule and sign up to coach any of these lessons. You can think about this as the uber driving for ski coaching. As long as Snow Schoolers generates demands, which it has proven to excel at, you will have endless opportunities for work, without the long, inflexible hours of a giant resort’s ski school. Many Snow Schoolers coaches work multiple jobs, and are able to schedule their Snow Schoolers hours around their other jobs. Some of those other jobs even include coaching for other resorts. 


Next, one of the missions of Snow Schoolers is to allow for ski coaches to earn liveable wages for a change, with the realistic goal of offering $40 an hour at over fifteen different resorts globally. Currently, Snow Schoolers operations out of Granlibakken offer PISA level 1 coaches $20/hour, level 2 coaches $22/hour, and level 3 coaches $27/hour. The core of “full time” coaches is guaranteed 28 hours a week, and help out with customer service, marketing, and miscellaneous tasks if lessons are slow for the day. These wages are superior to what the rest of the Tahoe resorts are currently offering. Additionally, many of the other resorts do not guarantee hours like Snow Schoolers does for its full-time staff. If you’re just looking to be part time for Snow Schoolers, which is the majority of the coaches, don’t worry, you can expect hours every day during the holidays as well as Saturdays and Sundays. There are even bonuses for rainy day lessons, private requests, and lessons for five year olds and younger. An extra $10/hour for a private request, and $5/hour for a rainy day or five-or-younger lesson.


Since Brian, Snow Schoolers’ founder and visionary, has the mission to improve the quality of life for ski coaches, he takes very good care of his staff. For example, during the busiest days of the holidays, he constantly buys pizza for the staff, since these days are too hectic for coaches to have time to buy themselves lunch. Prior to the season, he found a very nice cabin Carnelian Bay to make it easier for coaches to find suitable living. After the season, he throws an annual ski trip to enjoy some powder and think forward to the future on how to improve Snow Schoolers. Last year he took his coaches to Mammoth during the Spring. As a Snow Schoolers coach, it’s a great feeling having a boss who truly has your back.


Finally, Snow Schoolers offers great opportunities for career growth and travel. As a global company, Snow Schoolers will be partnering with various ski resorts in different countries, and it will need coaches to help grow and establish these new partnerships. Currently, Snow Schoolers is looking into partnering with several Chilean ski resorts. For growth opportunities, Snow Schoolers’ plan is to keep expanding partnerships at different mountains both country-and-world-wide. Therefore, it will need managers for these different geographic locations. If a career in the ski coaching industry is in your long-term plans, Snow Schoolers is a great company to get into early on into its expansion.

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