Clay Johnson

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Certification Status: PSIA L1

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

About Clay Johnson

Hello! I'm a fun and encouraging ski and surf instructor. I'm a current college student studying Finance at UMiami. I'm here in Tahoe to share my winter passion. If y'all want a super safe and highly enjoyable learning experience on the slopes, I can definitely help.

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This is the first time skiing for my family and friends.Clay was helping us throughout the session with lots of tips and tricks. Happy to see my kid confident to go alone to try on her own for the rest of the day. We thoroughly enjoyed the day.

- shanmugapriya, from March 13, 2021 (review published March 13, 2021)

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They were full of energy, patient with our group especially with small kids. Thanks for being the instructor for our group for this reservation

- merry, from December 20, 2020 (review published March 11, 2021)

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Clay was an excellent instructor. He had patience and went the extra mile to make sure our kids enjoyed the lessons. No suggestions, this was the best experience I could have imagined for my kids.

- Scott, from February 17, 2021 (review published February 23, 2021)

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Clay was great with our 5 year old. She had a great time and can’t wait to go again!

- Anna, from February 19, 2021 (review published February 19, 2021)

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Clay was really great. He was patient and encouraging with both of my kids and also gave me some tips to continue to progress as a skier. We would absolutely take another lesson with Clay.

- Natalie, from February 13, 2021 (review published February 15, 2021)

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Super friendly and got the kids pumped and excited to ski! He made it easy for them to listen and provided great examples of how to learn new skills

- Monica, from February 12, 2021 (review published February 12, 2021)

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- sara, from January 16, 2021 (review published January 17, 2021)

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Clay was great! He touched base in the morning before the lesson. Was super friendly and enthusiastic with my kiddo and went over Coles skills and goals before the lesson and also reviewed next steps for the future. My kiddo had a great time and was instantly comfortable. I’d definitely hire Clay again and hugely recommend him!

- Bria, from December 31, 2020 (review published December 31, 2020)

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Clay is great. He has a perfect attitude and my kids loved the class. Learned a lot and enjoyed skiing. Clay authentically cares about his students.

- Manuel, from December 30, 2020 (review published December 30, 2020)

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- Julia, from December 30, 2020 (review published December 30, 2020)

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Great energy, very friendly and warm! And patient!

- Elizabeth, from December 30, 2020 (review published December 30, 2020)

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Clay was very well liked by our kids. He was very patient and helped our little ones really love learning how to ski

- Brian, from December 26, 2020 (review published December 26, 2020)