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Certification Status: ENISSHAG LEVEL 1// MEMBER OF ISIA

Hometown: Tahoe city

About Javier Soto

Hello Here Javier from Chile, I teach snowboard for ten years in the Andes mountain range. This year I will be at Homewood to share my experience with everyone who wants to start or improve their snowboarding ๐Ÿ‚ or skiing! Good wishes! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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Javier was a wonderful instructor for myself and my two older kids (10 and 8). By the end of our full day of instruction, we were having success coming down the hill and we had a great time learning! In particular, Javier knew just how to explain the different movements to all of us so that we 'got it'. This was key, as soon as we followed his instructions, we could see the board behaving as Javier said it would. He was very patient with our kids, I never saw him even express an ounce of frustration with our very energetic 8 year old. One thing that really speaks to his personality was that several times I witnessed him helped another boarder who had trouble getting up the lift or who was losing control, and he did this instinctively as he came up the lift to meet us and help us with our next run. I thought this really demonstrated his kind heart and good nature, and that's exactly the kind of instructor I hoped to have for us that day. We hope to take another couple of classes with Javier this coming February when we head back out to the mountain.

- ALEXANDER, from December 24, 2019 (review published January 06, 2020)

5 of 5 stars

Great with our kids

- Jennifer, from January 18, 2019 (review published January 18, 2019)

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He worked very hard to give individualized instruction to all four girls which was challenging because they were at different levels of ability. Really appreciated the videos he took of each of them and sending them to me via Whatโ€™s Ap. One criticism is that he took too long (45 mins) for his lunch break.

- Joy, from December 27, 2018 (review published January 01, 2019)