Lauren Zickenberg

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Certification Status: AASI Level 1

Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA

About Lauren Zickenberg

I grew up in Discovery Bay, CA and had a cabin in South Lake Tahoe growing up. I began skiing at the age of 4 and snowboarding at the age of 15 at the local Tahoe resorts. I was also the events coordinator for Chico State Snow Club!

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Lauren was an amazing instructor. My son began with only one lesson under his belt and by the time he took two lessons with Lauren, he was traversing down the blue hill from the top. Her teaching style was a great balance between encouraging him to go beyond his limits, but not overwhelm him with something he wasn't comfortable with.

- Kanda, from March 28, 2021 (review published April 02, 2021)

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My daughter said that she was very supportive, really nice, and very effectively taught her as a new snowboarder. As a Dad, I was able to watch most of the lesson and was very enthused about Lauren and the way she was communing with my daughter, how patient she was, how engaged she was, and how great her teaching skills were. My daughter was super psyched and so so was I. Wonder ful experience :) Thank you Lauren!!

- Bryan, from March 28, 2021 (review published March 29, 2021)

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Lauren was very patient and quite understanding with my kids. She knew when they had enough and allowed them to take plenty of breaks. She focused on their individual strengths and worked on their weaknesses.

- Francis, from March 20, 2021 (review published March 21, 2021)

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She’s an amazing teacher. She teaches very well by example with well described demonstrations.

- Ray, from March 12, 2021 (review published March 12, 2021)

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Our daughter had an amazing first snowboarding experience with Lauren. She was a great teacher that my daughter could relate to. She taught her the basics and made her feel very confident. By the end of the day she snowboarded the entire hill. We loved the atmosphere at Granlibakken, it is the perfect place to learn how to ski. We are a skiing family and will definitely come back here for more snowboarding practice! We loved that we could bring our lawn chairs and hang out at the bottom of the hill, everyone was so relaxed and friendly. Next time we are also signing up for disco sledding😎

- veronika, from February 27, 2021 (review published February 28, 2021)

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Lauren was exceptional! She is patient and knows her stuff. Because of her my girls have found a love for snowboarding!!! And we cannot wait to see her soon!

- Kellie, from February 22, 2021 (review published February 27, 2021)

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Lauren was able to break down the motions for our little kids so they could learn to snowboard. She is REALLY great with little kids and our girls can’t wait to snowboard again!! We will definitely request Lauren for our next lesson!!

- Renee, from February 18, 2021 (review published February 19, 2021)

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- Lamdrum, from February 16, 2021 (review published February 17, 2021)

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So knows how to teach and kept the boys inspired and engaged.

- Laurence, from February 16, 2021 (review published February 17, 2021)

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Lauren was friendly, calm, and kind. The kids all gave her teaching style rave reviews and totally enjoyed their lesson.

- Livia, from February 15, 2021 (review published February 16, 2021)

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She was great with my kids. They enjoyed the lesson very much!

- Jose, from February 07, 2021 (review published February 15, 2021)

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Lauren was an amazing teacher the kids liked her. We will be back for another lesson.

- Antoinette, from January 30, 2021 (review published January 31, 2021)

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Lauren was professional and patient with our kids. Lauren's teaching style quickly progressed our kids to snowboarding down the hills within a day! The kids thought she was awesome and they can't wait to take another lesson.

- Albert, from December 28, 2020 (review published December 29, 2020)

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Fantastic level of instruction!

- Allison, from December 20, 2020 (review published December 20, 2020)