Steve Church

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Certification Status: aasi cert

Hometown: Homewood, Ca

About Steve Church

I have 30 years snowboarding experience and 20 years teaching experience. When I'm not teaching snowsports I am a computer programmer. In my free time I play guitar and other musical instruments.

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We have been very happy with Steve instructing our son. We really appreciate the level of patience Steve exhibits when working with Liam. We see marked improvement with his skills and general mountain safety, and look forward to working with Steve again this season. Thanks again!

- James, from February 20, 2018 (review published February 23, 2018)

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- Jim, from December 29, 2017 (review published December 31, 2017)

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Steve was great. He filled in at the last moment and displayed a lot of patience while working with our 5 year old.

- Jim, from February 26, 2017 (review published March 09, 2017)

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Steve is a lovely guy and was very patient with us. I think the only struggle we had was that he gave us a lot of information to take in on each turn - if he could work on keeping things simple (just have people try to remember one thing at a time, like "relax" or "turn to the mountain") then he would be even more awesome :-)

- Simon, from February 17, 2017 (review published February 19, 2017)

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I had Steve for a beginner lesson today and even though we had a pretty large group of first-time snowboarders he did a great job of giving each of us individual attention. By the end of the day I was able to make turns to both my heel side and toe-side edge. He also had an entertaining sense of humor, and made the whole afternoon a great experience. Can't wait to come back to Homewood and would love to take another lesson with Steve!

- Don, from (review published January 02, 2021)