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Certification Status: None

Hometown: Stowe, VT

About Zachary Keene

I grew up snowboarding in the northeast and, as a competitive rider, I would travel around the country to some of the best resorts in existence. I have transitioned into a primarily backcountry focus and love nothing more than earning your turns by getting yourself to the top of the mountain!

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He was really great at rolling with where are girls were at the time of their lesson. They weren't that into learning how to ski but he still worked to make it fun for them and meet them where they were at.

- Dulcey, from December 19, 2022 (review published January 03, 2023)

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- Xenia, from December 18, 2022 (review published December 30, 2022)

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Zack was great! As a group we were 4 first timers, (2 adults, 2 children) with different athletic abilities and attention spans. Zack was able to manage the 4 of us throughout the day, keep building upon each step and get us all down the hill upright. We were really excited to learn the basics and put them to use right away. The hill was super convenient with rentals, a place to eat and size that made it great with our young children. We had no complaints!

- Vincent, from December 23, 2022 (review published December 29, 2022)

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Zach was incredibly fun and made sure we felt comfortable and safe. We enjoyed our first day skiing and can't wait to come back.

- Aaron, from (review published February 04, 2022)

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Our instructor was friendly, nice, patient, and good with kids. However, we were disappointed that we did not get much time applying what we had learned to actually snowboard during our 1-hour lesson. My son had his first lesson there a few years ago and was snowboarding within 30 minutes after starting the lesson (I have several videos from that lesson). Unfortunately, with yesterday's lesson the majority of the time was spent talking about techniques and definitions. We did not get much time to actually snowboard during our lesson. After the lesson was over, we stayed so that we could practice but my son's ankle was hurting from the boot, so we left. Although I understand that it is important to know terms and definitions, I did pay a lot of money for us to get to snowboard which I had assumed we would get to do during the lesson (based on my son's first lesson). I just wish we allocated enough time during the lesson to get to snowboard. We will be back though.

- Jeannie, from December 17, 2022 (review published December 18, 2022)