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Adam Garon

  • Ski Instructor & Snowboard Instructor
  • 30 years old, from Incline Village
  • Certification(s): PSIA AND AASI level 1 both
  • About Adam: Incline Village
  • From the white mountains of New England, I have enjoyed winter snow play since my early youth. Be it hiking in the mountains, biking, skiing, or snowboarding, mountain activities have always called to

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Brian Bensch

  • Ski Instructor
  • 29 years old, from San Francisco, CA
  • Certification(s): HTA Level 1
  • About Brian: San Francisco, CA
  • I grew up in Santa Clara, CA and began skiing at Bear Valley at the age of 4. He spent his high school days in Tahoe, and worked as a ski instructor for 4 years in college at Dartmouth, before moving...

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Steven Taitel

  • Ski Instructor
  • 53 years old, from Reno NV
  • Certification(s): PSIA Level 1, HTA Level 1
  • About Steven: Reno NV
  • I am originally from Parsippany NJ, where I started skiing when I was 3. Skiing has always been my favorite thing in the world to do! So much so I was a stow away in my fathers car when I was 5. This...

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Jon Graham

  • Ski Instructor
  • 36 years old, from Concord, NH
  • Certification(s): HTA
  • About Jon: Concord, NH
  • I grew up skiing the icy slopes of New Hampshire and Vermont, but recently moved out to Tahoe. What I love most about teaching with Snow Schoolers is not just helping people learn the fundamentals of...

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Yaya Ibanez

  • Ski Instructor
  • 30 years old, from Tahoe City, CA
  • Certification(s): HTA Level 1, PSIA Level 1, PSIA Children’s Specialist Level 1
  • About Yaya: Tahoe City, CA
  • I first learned to ski in southern Chile at the age of 10, and am now a trilingual certified ski instructor, can teach in Spanish, English, Portuguese. I've been teaching in Tahoe for the last 3...

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Josh Nicholson

  • Ski Instructor
  • 20 years old, from Truckee
  • Certification(s): CSIA Level 2, Section 8 Snowsport Leadership Training (Instructor & Mountain Skills Course), IAG Avalanche Skills Level 1
  • About Josh: Truckee
  • Skiing was the first thing I ever felt Passionate about. Never have I felt such a sense of freedom and exploration than when Ive been clicked into my skis, heading in the direction I choose, confident

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Steve Church

  • Snowboard Instructor
  • 38 years old, from Homewood, Ca
  • Certification(s): aasi cert
  • About Steve: Homewood, Ca
  • I have 30 years snowboarding experience and 20 years teaching experience. When I'm not teaching snowsports I am a computer programmer. In my free time I play guitar and other musical instruments.

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Erin Fett

  • Ski Instructor
  • 25 years old, from San Francisco
  • Certification(s): Homewood Teaching Academy Level 1
  • About Erin: San Francisco
  • I'm a skiier from NYC. After growing up on racing on the icy hills of New York at a small mountain in the Berkshires, I moved to California in 2016 and fell in love with the fact that Tahoe powder is

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Alora Bourne

  • Snowboard Instructor
  • 21 years old, from Northern Tahoe, CA
  • Certification(s): PSIA Level 1
  • About Alora: Northern Tahoe, CA
  • I am a Senior at the University of Nevada, Reno studying Wildlife Ecology. I have been teaching snowboarding for 3 years and riding since I was a little kid. I love teaching people of all ages and...

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Jim Kinney

  • Ski Instructor
  • 25 years old, from Wellesley, MA
  • Certification(s): PSIA Level 1
  • About Jim: Wellesley, MA
  • Jim had been skiing his whole life, and after graduating from college, he decided to become a ski instructor. After 2 amazing seasons teaching at Homewood and one as a Guest Services Supervisor, he...

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Renee Brown

  • Ski Instructor
  • 31 years old, from Tahoe City, CA
  • Certification(s): PSIA level 1
  • About Renee: Tahoe City, CA
  • I grew up skiing most weekends in the Tahoe area. I enjoy many outdoor sports and left my desk job to pursue my passion of skiing. I have been a ski instructor for 4 years in Utah and California.

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Danielle Hankinson

  • Ski Instructor
  • 48 years old, from Kings Beach
  • Certification(s): APSI level 4
  • About Danielle: Kings Beach
  • Danielle is able to adapt her teaching style to suit your needs. She has over 30 winters experience teaching all over the world. Danielle excels at pinpointing what you need to enhance or change to...

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Javier Soto

  • Snowboard Instructor & Ski Instructor
  • 31 years old, from Tahoe city
  • Certification(s): ENISSHAG LEVEL 1// MEMBER OF ISIA
  • About Javier: Tahoe city
  • Hello Here Javier from Chile, I teach snowboard for ten years in the Andes mountain range. This year I will be at Homewood to share my experience with everyone who wants to start or improve their

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Sam Wesely

  • Ski Instructor & Snowboard Instructor
  • 20 years old, from Tahoe City, CA
  • Certification(s): HTA Level 1
  • About Sam: Tahoe City, CA
  • I grew up in Georgia and learned to ski and snowboard on the east coast hills of West Virginia. Super excited to be here for my first Tahoe winter, sharing my passion for the mountains.

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Eric Swartz

  • Snowboard Instructor
  • 44 years old, from South lake tahoe
  • Certification(s): AASI Level 2 Snowboard Instructor
  • About Eric: South lake tahoe
  • I started skiing in Michigan at age 10 and got on my first snowboard in 1989 at Boyne Mountain. I came to Tahoe in 1995 to snowboard/ski for a month and ended up sticking around. Started teaching at

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Fred Schneider

  • Ski Instructor & Ski Instructor & Ski Instructor & Ski Instructor & Ski Instructor & Ski Instructor
  • 35 years old, from U.S.A. and E.U.
  • Certification(s): PSIA Alpine Level 1, PADI Rescue, NOLS Wilderness First Responder, CPR/AED
  • About Fred: U.S.A. and E.U.
  • Grew up skiing and playing in the mountains all over the United States with family, as well as with friends from Germany and México. Understanding how to safely move and survive outdoors in the...

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Tiffany Nicholson

  • Snowboard Instructor
  • 39 years old, from Truckee, CA
  • Certification(s): AASI Level 1
  • About Tiffany: Truckee, CA
  • A lifelong lover of all things snow-play; I leaped into the ski and snowboard industry 13 years ago. I love to teach people the ski & snowboarding skills that in time, can give them almost unlimited...

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Britney Charme

  • Ski Instructor
  • 29 years old, from Boise, Idaho
  • Certification(s): HTA Level 1 (in-progress)
  • About Britney: Boise, Idaho
  • Seven years ago I moved to Donner Summit and fell in love with skiing the Tahoe region of California. I don't know if its the terrain, the infamous Sierra snowpack or the gorgeous bluebird powder days,

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Christian Camillo

  • Ski Instructor
  • 35 years old, from Reno, NV
  • Certification(s): PSIA Level 2 ski
  • About Christian: Reno, NV
  • ...

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Rusty Rogers

  • Ski Instructor
  • 60 years old, from Sacramento
  • Certification(s): HTA Level 1
  • About Rusty: Sacramento
  • I have 48 years of skiing experience in the Sierras and a lifelong love of outdoor sport. I really enjoy making new friends and helping them make their mountain experience worth remembering.

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