Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can be in the lesson?

It depends on whether you are booking a group lesson or a private lesson. Private lessons are not necessarily one person, but must all belong to the same private party. We allow up to 5 participants to be booked on a single private lesson reservation, which makes them great for families (e.g. two parents and three kiddos, or five brothers and sisters or cousins). We do require that all participants be of comparable ability levels regardless of age. It becomes a much more difficult lesson experience for all participants if some students are first-timers while others have skied many times before. For group lessons, we allow up to six (6) total participants in a group lesson, and do require that all participants be at least 13 years old to participate in group lessons.

Q: How does pricing work?

For all reservations, there will be a "base price" that includes the cost of the instructor. At Frisco and Granlibakken, that base price also includes the lift ticket for one participant. However, at Hoedown Hill, all lift tickets must be purchased separately and directly from the Hoedown Hill website (powered by Tixr). If the students in the lesson need to rent equipment from us as well, then there is an additional charge for the rentals, which also varies by location. At Granlibakken and Frisco, there is a charge per additional person of either $50/pp (without rentals) or $85/pp (with rentals), depending on whether or not the additional person is needing rental equipment or not. At Hoedown, it is either $24/pp for rentals for kids 12 and under, or $36/pp for adult rentals. The full pricing matrices for all lesson slots and packages can be found at the links below.

Can skiers and snowboarders take a lesson together?

Unfortunately not. We do not teach skiers and snowboarders together in lessons, as the instructor can only be in one type of equipment at a time. For first-timers on snow, the conventional wisdom is that it can be easier to learn on skis, but ultimately it is a personal choice. We've successfully taught many 2-3 year olds on skis as well as on a snowboard. What is most important is that students are excited about learning the new sport rather than which one they choose. If someone has prior skateboarding or surfing experience, snowboarding is often easier to learn. If not, or if your party has mixed preferences, we generally recommend starting with skiing if you don't want to purchase separate lessons and split into skiers and snowboarders.

Q: Where do the lessons take place?

We have three locations spread across Tahoe and Colorado. Our flagship location is at Granlinbakken Tahoe, located on the west shore in Tahoe City about 5 minutes from the roundabouts. In Colorado, we have two locations. We offer lessons at the Frisco Adventure Park, which is operated by the Town of Frisco and is located on the southeast edge of town across from the hospital. Lastly, our newest location is Hoedown Hill, located in Windsor, CO about an hour north of Denver.

Q: If I am renting equipment with my lesson, how early should I arrive to get fitted with rentals?

Earlier the better (generally speaking). It also depends naturally on how busy we are, with Saturdays and holiday weekends always being the busiest. We always recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before your lesson on quiet days because boot-fitting is not something you want to rush. On busy days, it is best to arrive 60-75 minutes before your lesson start time. These estimates are based on small to medium group sizes (1-4 people); for larger groups, the process might take longer, in which case we recommend factoring in extra time. Each of our locations has a lovely indoor lodge area that is great for enjoying a coffee or snack before your lesson, so there's never a downside to getting there too eary. If you are renting equipment for a lesson at Hoedown Hill, please remember your equipment rental must be picked up BEFORE heading to the ski area at our rental equipment provider, Mountain Rentals, located at 401 E Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland, CO 80537.

Q: What is included with rental equipment?

Your rental will includes the following basic equipment necessary for your lesson.

  • skis or a snowboard
  • boots
  • a helmet
  • ski poles (optional -- we generally do not recommend ski poles for kids and are also optional for adults)

Please note that winter clothing is not included and we do not rent clothing, but it is critical that all participants are dressed appropriately for winter. Your night-before packing list should generally include the following items:

  • waterproof snow pants
  • winter jacket
  • warm gloves
  • long socks (just one pair, no need to double up)
  • protective eyewear (i.e. goggles or sunglasses)
  • sunscreen

Q: Is parking free?

YES! Parking at each of our locations is free of charge. Please do note that on those busy holidays and on most Saturdays the parking lots will get quite full, and so you should expect a 5-10 minute walk to the ski hill from your car. If you're unsure where to park, please ask anyone in uniform and they'll be able to direct you.

Q: What is the refund policy if my plans change and I have to cancel?

You may cancel or modify your reservation up to 24 hours before the start of your reservation. A $50 non-refundable deposit is included as part of all reservations however, and that charge will not be returned for customer-initiated cancellations. For requests to reschedule, we will happily allow one date-time reservation change free of charge. Additionally, any requests to cancel made less than 24 hours before the reservation time will not be refunded, regardless of weather conditions. A no-call/no-show will likewise not be refunded.

Finally, if cancellation is necessary due to circumstances described in our extenuating circumstances policy, you may be eligible for a full refund including the $50 deposit. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Snow Schoolers experience, please contact our guest services team directly.

Q: Is a sledding ticket included with skiing?

Unfortunately not, sledding tickets are purchased directly through the resort. Snow Schoolers is only responsible for ski school activities at each of our locations.

Q: Can I keep skiing after the lesson?

Generally yes, however, it does depend on which location and whether you are using rental equipment from us or not. At Frisco and Granlibakken, the lift ticket is good for the entire day. At Hoedown, the lift ticket is generally either for the morning or afternoon.

  • At Granlibakken, we have historically (in Tahoe) had sufficient inventory of equipment that we are able to allow all rental customers to keep their equipment for the duration of the day after their lesson so they can continue practicing on their own.
  • At Frisco, because we only have limited inventory in our modest rental shop and the popularity of our ski school programs has grown, we are not able to allow all customers to keep their equipment for the rest of the day after their lesson has ended. At the end of your lesson, you will need to return to the rental shop and return your gear, as we need to make sure that all customers who paid for afternoon lessons are able to use properly fitting equipment as well.
    If you are interested in practicing on the hill by yourself and want to keep using the equipment, you may ask the rental shop manager for permission to continue using the gear if it is not needed for other paying customers who have booked afternoon lessons. Please note, however, on busy days like holidays and most Saturdays this will most likely not be possible.
  • At Hoedown, your equipment is good for the entire day. PLEASE remember that you will need to return your equipment to the Mountain Rentals ski shop afterward and you cannot leave your rental equipment with us at the hill.

Q:How old do kids have to be to take private lessons?

We do not have a specific age requirement, and often teach two-year olds. Our only requirement is, if they are toddlers, they must be potty trained.

Q: Is there a lesson discount associated with staying at the Granlibakken Resort?

We are an independent company, so we, unfortunately, cannot offer special discounts for Granlibakken Resort guests. Granlibakken Resort does typically offer a 50% discounts on sledding, so please contact them directly to take advantage of that.

Q: How do I best get in touch with guest services with more questions?

You can either call us or email us. Please indicate what location you are calling about and, if sending an email, it would be helpful to include your phone number so we may contact you if necessary. And likewise if you leave a voicemail, please let us know a good time to call back.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number for Granlibakken: (530) 430-7669
  • Phone number for Colorado: (970) 423-7669

Q:What are the prices for each type of lesson?

Please find our pricing information for Granlibakken and Frisco below. Please note that Hoedown Hill has a unique pricing structure and set of operating hours. For Hoedown Hill pricing please visit the Hoedown lessons page.


Holidays Rates apply to Christmas (Dec 23-Jan 3), MLK (Jan 13-15), and President's Week (Feb 17-24) for all locations, as well as Spring Break (Mar 10-18th) in Colorado.

The final price of private lessons is based on the number of students in your party. The prices below reflect rates for a single student. For additional students in your private party, there is an additonal $50.00 fee per student without rentals, or $85.00 with rentals.
Daily Rate
1hr Early-bird (845am) $85 $100
1hr Privates (10am, 1115am, 1230pm) $135 $165
Half-days (10am or 115pm start) $265 $325
Full-days (10am start) $415 $515
Daily Rate
1hr Early-bird (845am) $120 $150
1hr Privates (10am, 1115am, 1230pm) $170 $200
Half-days (10am or 115pm start) $300 $360
Full-days (10am start) $450 $550


Daily Rate
WITHOUT rental equipment $100 $130
WITH rental equipment $135 $170