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Caleb Trent

  • Snowboard Ski
  • years old, from Brevard, NC
  • Certification(s): None
  • About Caleb: Brevard, NC
  • I’m kind of a goof ball. This is my second season instructing. I love working with children especially in an outdoor setting. I majored in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education. I try to...

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Brian Bensch

  • Ski Snowboard
  • years old, from San Francisco, CA
  • Certification(s): Level 1
  • About Brian: San Francisco, CA
  • I grew up in Santa Clara, CA and began skiing at Bear Valley at the age of 4. He spent his high school days in Tahoe, and worked as a ski instructor for 4 years in college at Dartmouth, before moving...

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Travis Boatwright

  • Snowboard Ski
  • years old, from Houston, Tx
  • Certification(s): None
  • About Travis: Houston, Tx
  • Hi, I'm Travis. I have a love for the great outdoors and enjoy snowboarding. I'm excited to help students learn to snowboard and start their adventure on the...

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Tyler Daniels

  • Ski Snowboard
  • years old, from Medina, Ohio
  • Certification(s): none
  • About Tyler: Medina, Ohio
  • My passion for Snowboarding is what brought me to the Rockies from the flat lands of Ohio. With 21 years of riding experience and a freestyle oriented flow, fun is my goal when we're on snow. While...

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Jeremy Hale

  • Snowboard Ski
  • 23 years old, from Fort Collins
  • Certification(s): AHA-CPR, AASI L1, Freestyle 1
  • About Jeremy: Fort Collins
  • I was born in Texas but moved up to Colorado for the snow! I have been snowboarding for 8 years and enjoy freestyle snowboarding!

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Zach Mehrtens

  • Snowboard Ski
  • 24 years old, from Grayslake, IL
  • Certification(s): American Red Cross AED/CPR
  • About Zach: Grayslake, IL
  • I'm from Illinois and grew-up snowboarding in the midwest. When I'm not shredding, I'm in the gym, on a lacrosse field, or playing with my dog. It's incredible that I get to teach one of my favorite...

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LA McGee

  • Ski
  • 22 years old, from Clemson, SC
  • Certification(s): PSIA Alpine Level 1, First Aid/CPR/AED
  • About LA: Clemson, SC
  • I grew up in Clemson, SC and spent my winters driving up to Beech Mountain Ski Resort with my family. I have been teaching for two years and I look forward to teaching at the adventure park this...

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Max Lee

  • Ski
  • 24 years old, from Ann Arbor, MI
  • Certification(s): PSIA Level 1
  • About Max: Ann Arbor, MI
  • I have been skiing for twenty years ever since falling in love with the sport as a toddler. Now, my goal is to share that love of skiing with kids and adults alike. This is my fifth season teaching....

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Veronika Venclova

  • Ski
  • years old, from Czech Republic/Austria
  • Certification(s): PSIA AASI Apline 1, CS1-Child Specialist
  • About Veronika: Czech Republic/Austria
  • Grew up in between Czech Republic and Austrian Alps, skiing since early childhood. I love to teach people new skills. With a background of exercise physiologist and kinesiologist I have very good...

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Hailey Sullivan

  • Ski Snowboard
  • 20 years old, from Frisco, CO
  • Certification(s): working toward PSIA Level 1
  • About Hailey: Frisco, CO
  • I was born and raised in Boston, MA and grew up skiing on the east coast. I have been visiting Colorado for the past 6 years and moved to Summit County 2 years ago. This is my second season of...

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Brad Stout

  • Ski
  • 32 years old, from Lancaster, PA
  • Certification(s): Preparing for PSIA Level 1
  • About Brad: Lancaster, PA
  • I grew up on the east coast skiing when I was 5 years old. Went to school for engineering and have been living full time in Colorado for 8 years. Skiing on snow and water is my passion in life. I...

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Corie White

  • Ski Snowboard
  • 26 years old, from Columbia, SC
  • Certification(s): Preparing for AASI Level 1
  • About Corie: Columbia, SC
  • Hi, I'm Corie, a Colorado born and South Carolina raised river rat turned ski & ride instructor! Growing up on the east coast, my passions were kayaking, climbing, and soccer. I spent most of my time...

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Charlie Shultes

  • Ski
  • 24 years old, from Carlisle
  • Certification(s): No certs
  • About Charlie: Carlisle
  • I grew up in Carlisle, PA, skiing at a small hill called Roundtop. I have been skiing since I was 4 years old and lead a very active lifestyle! I also enjoy golfing, hiking biking and playing...

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Pierce Franklin

  • Ski Snowboard
  • 26 years old, from Boise
  • Certification(s): Adaptive 1
  • About Pierce: Boise
  • I have been skiing all my life. I love education and believe in taking a lesson to meet the students needs.

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Justin Hollenbeck

  • Ski
  • years old, from Breckenridge, CO
  • Certification(s): PSIA III. Enrolled in PSIA RMT Program.
  • About Justin: Breckenridge, CO
  • Raised in Breckenridge. Worked out of Aspen Snowmass for three years. Obtained full PSIA certification last year and entered into the RMT program. I work as a full-time biomechanics engineer for a...

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Noah Marzke

  • Ski
  • years old, from Bend, OR
  • Certification(s): None
  • About Noah: Bend, OR
  • I've been skiing for two decades, starting in the Midwest and then in Oregon over the last few years. I spend my winters skiing in the mountains and my summers whitewater kayaking and backpacking. I...

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Vincent Ng

  • Snowboard
  • years old, from Portland, OR
  • Certification(s): AASI Level 1, CS Level 1
  • About Vincent: Portland, OR

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