Family First Tracks Program Overview

Fast Facts

  1. You and your family are the first ever to participate in this program. While we are expecting great results and amazing memories to be made, there are no guarantees your child will enjoy their first outing on skis.
  2. Family First Tracks, Also Referred to as a Mommy and Me class, is the first of its kind here in Summit County, and one of only few programs that allows students this young!
  3. We cater to children as young as two in the Family First Tracks program, but allow children up to the age of five.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can be in the lesson?

For every student, two chaperones are permitted.

Q: How many people per class?

There will be a maximum of 8 children per class, making the maximum number of people per class 24 students and parents.

Q: As a parent, do I have to attend the lesson?

YES! At least one adult is required to stay with the child during their lesson. We encourage both parents, if they are able, to join us as this is your opportunity to learn how to teach your child to ski. Our goal is not just to get your child sliding on skis, but also to get you to a point where you would feel comfortable giving your child a lesson yourself!

Q: Will I receive a refund if my child doesn’t complete the entire course or gets tired before the lesson time is over?

Unfortunately No. SnowSchoolers understands that every child is different and each child has limitations in regards to stamina, attention span, etc.. That is why we have organized other educational activities if your child does not have the energy to last on snow.

Q: Am I required to sign up for all 3 days or 2 days of crash course(March 25 & 26)?

Yes. The program is designed to have an exploratory yet outlined ability progression.

Q: What is the difference between Family First Tracks and a Family Private?

Family Privates have a specific progression and age requirement. The instructors for Family First Tracks' job is to explain exploratory movements for parents to develop a deeper understanding of skiing to help coach their child on becoming a more skilled skier. We are here to help you through what to expect when you enroll your child for their first day of ski and ride school.

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Describe your family: We expect to be able accommodate most families currently enrolled in Midtown Montessori Academy. To ensure that we can provide an optimal learning environment, we must ensure an appropriate ratio of adults and children. Please describe the members of your family that wish to participate, as well as any firm scheduling constrains you have.

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the Frisco Adventure Park

Learn with Your Loved Ones

Community-based Snowsports Education

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Frisco Adventure Park Overview

  • Hands down the most affordable beginner's hill in Colorado. Perfect first time skiers and snowboarders!
  • Much smaller than nearby resorts such as Breckenridge, Keyston, or Copper, but great for families looking for an authentic introduction to winter sports.
  • Fun for the whole family. Parents seeking thrills can enjoy tubing while the kids learn to ski. Or likewise lounge in an adirondack chair hot cocoa while taking photos from the day lodge patio.
  • Ample free parking for any adventure. If tubing and skiing are already sold out, the sled hill is free for public access and great exercise!
  • At Snow Schoolers we operate all ski and snowboard lessons, and will help coordinate the necessary equipment rentals. To make a tubing reservation, visit the Town of Frisco's reservation website at

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