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Hometown: Medina, Ohio

About Tyler Daniels

My passion for Snowboarding is what brought me to the Rockies from the flat lands of Ohio. With 21 years of riding experience and a freestyle oriented flow, fun is my goal when we're on snow. While playing countless sports growing up (you name it I played it) and soccer throughout college, I developed a passion for coaching. To sum it all up I find my peace helping others discover joy and achievement in life.

Tyler Daniels's Recent Reviews

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Tyler is a superstar! He shows great empathy and composure during the entire class which is a rarity when it comes to teaching a beginner like myself. The ability to explain what happens when it does is amazing for my learning and understanding. While I'm just beginning to snowboard at a later age, I have grown up playing ice hockey, soccer, tennis and even ski at an earlier age. That's what drew me to snowboarding and glad Tyler is there to guide me. I will sign up soon again with him and hopefully further progress. In the wise words of Tyler... "You got this!" Thanks for instilling confidence in me to really dive into it. Can't wait till next time!

- Alex, from February 03, 2023 (review published February 03, 2023)

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Tyler was able to make the whole lesson positive and fun for our son. Even when our little guy wasn’t getting how to turn, Tyler still found something positive he did to tell him “good job” about while building on what he could do better to achieve the skill. He moved at a good pace and packed a lot into the hour. We would love to hire Tyler again.

- Abigail, from January 28, 2023 (review published January 28, 2023)

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Friendly, energetic and patient. Excellent instructor! Tyler used the time we had very efficiently to maximize the growth and development of each person in the group. He was very engaged and active with each person while maintaining a fast paced lesson. Would absolutely recommend for all skill levels.

- Jennifer, from January 22, 2023 (review published January 22, 2023)

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Tyler did a great job of connecting with Logan. This made a huge difference in Logan's ability to relax, learn, and have a lot of fun!

- Leah, from January 20, 2023 (review published January 22, 2023)

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Tyler is an amazing instructor. He really paid attention to the learning style and structured the session so I could gain the most from it. I walked away from this lesson feeling way more confident and with actual skills I can take on the mountain. Highly recommend him as an instructor.

- Brittany, from January 21, 2023 (review published January 22, 2023)

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We greatly appreciate Coach Ty’s ability to instruct such a broad age range! Teaching a 34 year old, 7 year old, and 5 year old each of us with no experience must’ve been challenging but he did it with ease and flexibility. We all had many chances to practice and 1:1 learning throughout. The kiddos enjoyed Coach Ty’s positive attitude and encouragement! They were intimated at first but they couldn’t stop asking when we could go back with Coach Ty at the end. We will be back for future classes! Highly recommend! These Texan’s had a blast!

- Heather, from January 19, 2023 (review published January 19, 2023)

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Great energy and very attentive

- Gustavo, from January 13, 2023 (review published January 13, 2023)

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Tyler was excellent in teaching my boys ages 6 and 9 to snowboard when they had no prior experience. He was engaged and interactive with my boys and made sure they had a great time. Would highly recommend!

- Jesse, from January 12, 2023 (review published January 13, 2023)

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Tyler is a amazing instructor with great attitude! He helped me link the connection for me to be able to learn now to turn! He gives great advice and callouts as you’re shredding some snow!! He also helped me get used to speed so I wouldn’t get nervous!

- Bivid, from January 12, 2023 (review published January 12, 2023)

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- Vilma, from December 31, 2022 (review published January 03, 2023)

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Tyler clearly has a passion for helping kids learn to ski. He was absolutely fantastic with our son and kept a 4 year old very engaged which is hard to do. Couldn’t recommend Tyler more.

- Matt, from December 23, 2022 (review published December 24, 2022)

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Tyler was super motivating. He offered help when I couldn’t get up on my own after falls but didn’t overreach and wasn’t too hands off. He gave me space to learn and try out skills. This was so fun and I can’t wait to ski again!

- Rosie, from December 19, 2022 (review published December 19, 2022)

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Tyler is patient and full of energy. He made our ski lesson fun. We were able to learn at our own speed which makes our first time a little less daunting. Thank you!

- Jean, from December 19, 2022 (review published December 19, 2022)