Zach Mehrtens

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Certification Status: American Red Cross AED/CPR

Hometown: Grayslake, IL

About Zach Mehrtens

I'm from Illinois and grew-up snowboarding in the midwest. When I'm not shredding, I'm in the gym, on a lacrosse field, or playing with my dog. It's incredible that I get to teach one of my favorite passions, hopefully, I can help boarding become one of yours!

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Zach was awesome! He was patient with all of us and silly with the kids! We really enjoyed having him as our instructor and even on day two we remembered the basics he taught us! Thank you for an awesome day!

- Michelle, from March 10, 2023 (review published March 13, 2023)

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- Jim, from March 09, 2023 (review published March 09, 2023)

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- Jacob, from February 11, 2023 (review published February 15, 2023)

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Zach was amazing with the kids, his energy level got them excited to ski and he really met them at their level. We were very impressed and pleased with the skills the kids picked up with this being their very first time on skis. They loved every minute of it and are already asking when they get to ski again. I would highly recommend Zach to anyone needing lessons!!

- Jenny, from February 03, 2023 (review published February 03, 2023)

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There wasn’t much not to love about Zach!! He was so patient and informative for this family of first time skiers. Couldn’t have picked a better instructor to teach our daughter (and us!). Would recommend Snow Schoolers to anyone. Thankful for this experience, it was amazing!!

- Ashlyn, from January 29, 2023 (review published January 29, 2023)

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He was super patient with my son. He was positive and upbeat, kept my son smiling and pushing forward without any hesitation!!

- Daniel, from January 26, 2023 (review published January 26, 2023)

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Zach was very courteous and had the best positive attitude. He saw what I needed help with and we worked on it. His instruction was clear and I learned new techniques from him.

- Jennifer, from January 22, 2023 (review published January 22, 2023)

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Zach is a great teacher! Caden got a very thorough introductory lesson and was cruising down the hill with confidence by the end of the hour. Still have a few things to learn, but it was a safe, fun way to introduce him to skiing and he LOVED it. Looking forward to coming back for snowboarding lessons! Great program! Thanks again!

- Chantal, from January 08, 2023 (review published January 08, 2023)

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He was full of energy and provided very clear explanations. He was very patient and made the experience fantastic! Zach is an awesome instructor and we love to have him again.

- Tiffani, from December 24, 2022 (review published December 24, 2022)

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- Ashley, from December 18, 2022 (review published December 23, 2022)

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Loved having Zach.

- Blake, from December 18, 2022 (review published December 18, 2022)